Thursday, October 8, 2009

spruce #55 Lena wires

The huge spruce forest consists of about 50 trees. They all have been wired somehow before the forest was put together. But now the detailed wiring has started. Lena has the task to practice her wiring and bending skills on this monster. This will take her a couple of months. She is doing very well so far.


avicenna said...

hallo Walter,
i would say you are very lucky to have such a great assistance;-)
The bonsai scene will have to thank her because to see a unique forest composition with Picea abies at the end which certainly will be unique in its style and can´t be compared with anything else.

johnson said...

Do you wire all year round W.P. ?

Walter Pall said...


not really,

we stop to wire pretty soon and commence again around February time with the trees which are in the greenhouse. Outside we start at end of March. During the rest of time we always wire. Contrary to what your books say it is OK.