Tuesday, October 20, 2009

new ezo spruce

This ezo spruce (Picea jezoensis) I got in a trade recently. apparently it was imported as raw material from Japan many years ago and left untouched since. I worked on it for two hours. here the result. This is shohin size, less than 25 cm. Pot by Claudia Meyer-Woestefeld. Good pot btw.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,

How many years are betwwen the first and last pics?

Because I got a spruce and I hope to construct it in the same way.

Best regards,


Walter Pall said...


about 30 minutes. No kidding.


Justin said...

Mr. Pall,

I believe you said that fall or winter is a good time to style spruce. Is that time the only time suited for spruce? Do you do any work on spruce in the spring? I have an Dwarf Alberta spruce. Does your advice apply for the Dwarf Alberta also?

Thank you,


Walter Pall said...

fall or winter time are bad times to style spruce. They tend to loose branches over winter when it freezes.
The best time is from June to end of August.
Spring is not a good time, because the new buds are very ender. You will brake a lot now. Wait until the shoots are out and hardened. This should be the case by end of May.