Sunday, October 18, 2009

new blog with articles by WP

I have started a new blow with articles that i write for all sorts of media. As i stumble over them I will add old articles. You are welcome to comment on them, to translate them into other languages. I will publish the translations there. Most articles can be published in any sort of media, but only on my agreement in writing. Text and images are copyrighted.

I started out with "The naturalistic Scots Pine", an article which clarifies what I mean by 'naturalistic bonsai style'.

See this:

Bonsai Articles by WP


Andrija Zokic said...

Great! You make my day.

Tom Kruegl said...

Thank you for the English translation, Walter.

alfredo espino said...

Great idea to have your articles together! I have one question. Can I fertize a defoliated tree the day after defoliation, with a lower dosage? The tree is in well draining substrate, 100 unorganic and has only water and sun to nourish itself.

Thanks a lot and take care.

Alfredo Espino

Walter Pall said...


sure you can. I feed them like all other trees.


alfredo espino said...


I appreciate your answer very much.

Take care