Tuesday, October 6, 2009

mugo #5

This one was prepared for the Noelanders Trophy. Most folks do this a couple of days before the show. I think it is much better a few months earlier. This will be the first time in the new look

First image as of 1993, as collected by Serge Clemence.


Anonymous said...

this tree, this monster... i'm thinking of a song from the rolling stones.... beast of burden... its a beast and it looks like it carries a burden...from hundreds of years of harsh mountain weather conditions.. exactly spot on

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that tree is ugly! I'm not saying it isn't a powerful tree, it's magnificent. It's just ugly.

Walter Pall said...

That's fine with me. Too many bonsai are so beautiful that they can be called kitsch. It is not a familiar thought: art has NOTHING to do with beauty - according to generally accepted art theory. But bonsai folks are uncorrupted by such things.


Anonymous said...

Ugly? this tree? and why should walter have to feel obliged to explain what art is and how people define something as ugly or not? I dont see a problem... i dont see uglyness... to me, this represents wildness, pureness, the beauty of nature along with its faults... it's like life... shaped with beautiful things and even the beauty of mistakes and faults..how is that for a philosofical treat on a friday evening? :D