Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dalmatian pine coming nicely

This is a very promising European black pine, Pinus nigra. It was collected in February 2007 and offered to me for styling in a demo right away in March 2007 in Croatia. AllI did then was to prune it drastically. Then in spring of 2008 I planted it into this small pot. Ironically it will grow BETTER in such a small pot if watered and fed agressivly than in a large container. In fall of 2008 then first styling. Now one year later it starts to look fine. The crown is much too wide still, of course and it is too high. With lots of backbudding this will be cured next summer and it will be a decent bonsai then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,
Love the blog. Have seen your posts over the years and met you once in Chicago before the Mid-America show maybe 5 yrs ago.?

Question, do you know why the smaller pot with agressive feeding works better or better question might be do you have a working theory why this is true?

Thanks for taking the time to answer. -Dana

Walter Pall said...

If an evergreen is in a small pot with very well draining substrate then it will have invaded the whole space with fine roots. As soon as the substrate gets wet the liquid is absorbed and very soon afterwards the substrate is very well aerating again. Then the roots can grow and the tree is happy. In a pot which is much larger it does not happen that way. There will be large ares which are not invaded by roots and thus will stay moist or even wet. In a small pot one can water more often. This will sound strange to bonsaiists, but plants love this. They love to be watered often as long as the substrate does not stay wet and air gets in all the time.