Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Japanese Maple #11

Japanese maple. Acer palmatum. Was on Kokufu Ten 75 (or 74 or 76). At least this is what I am told. So it is an important tree.If someone has the Kokufu Ten books, please try to find it, make a good scan and send it to me: bonsai(at>) Anyway, somehow it found it's way into my garden. Walter, Boris and WP repotted it today. We cleaned the huge nebari, cleared old loam like akadama, painted it with biotreecleaner and planted the tree into a nice pot by Peter Krebs. The huge nebari looks almost grotesque in a very small pot. So a large ample pot is better for this sort of tree in my opinion. Next year the challenge will be to get the foliage evenly small and bring out the structure of the crown. In late summer next year it should be ready for exhibit.
I am happy with this acquisition which will become part of my collection, of course.