Saturday, September 13, 2008

restyling of an ezo spruce

This ezo spruce, Picea jezoensis, belongs to Alex, my assistant. It was imported form japan a longtime ago. He braught it today to analyse it. I said that one could leave it in the kind od shape that it is. But that looks more like a bush than a tree. The horizontal branches are old-fashioned and do not make it look like a spruce but rather like a pine tree. It looks very tame and young and not like an old tree in the mountains. And then there is way to auch green in the crown. Much more than 50 has to go. The easiest way to solve both problems is to cut the lower branches and bring down the upper ones. This means cutting off the main branch. Blasphemy? No, bonsai styling seriously. Alex insisted that I do the cuts while he makes photographs of it. I thnk he jsut wanted to avoid having to do the cuts himself. Next time I will not let him go like that.
Now it's up to Alex to do the detailed work. I hope he will show it when it is done.