Monday, September 15, 2008

Mr. Morimae and company at a Bavarian bonsai show.

The Japanese delegation was led by myself to the Southeast Bavarian Bonsai convention which coincidentally was held at that weekend. The convention was all about shohin and smaller plus large European species - no purchased Asian species. Mr. Morimae again expressed great surprise about the quality of the treesa and of the overall setting. I could convince him to do a long tree critique. This he did in a spendid manner, with remarks that were really heplful. And he drew a very nice sketch of each of the critiqued trees. At a speech in the end Mr. Morimae said that we are on the right path and he asked us to contine. Japan is NOT the leading bonsai nation to copy. One can learn from Japan, but we should continue to find our own way in bonsai.