Saturday, July 21, 2007

spruces - part 3

Picea abies, European spruce or Norway spruce, 55 cm high, still in mica pot.
This one was collected in 1995. It originally had almost no deadwood. The deadwood appeard only a couple of years ago. It was hanging around and always was for sale, but nobody wanted it. Well, now with al the deadwood I wanted it. David agreed to style it. His concept was to cut off the thick lower branche because it was so stiff an horizontal. I wanted to leave this braanch. It was clear that it would be very difficult to integrate this horizontal branch into a crown with branches flowng down in a rather sharp angle as spruces do. So I cut deep into the branch right at the junction with the trunk. This is quite risky, of course, but I have done this before successfully at numerous occasions. Well, if the branch does not survie then the tree has decided about it's shape. Then David did not like it anymore. So I continued this myself. Here the result for the time being. I like to only do the major branches at the first run-through. Now I will leave the tree alone for a few weeks, maybe months. We'll see what happens and continue wiring then. David has not yet seen this.