Friday, July 13, 2007

North American vs Europe Photo Contest -part 1

This contest by the Art of Bonsai Project had a very good turnout. See here:

after returning from my recent trip a pleasant surprise waited for me. My trees did very well in that contest.
The Rocky Mountain Juniper won best of Europe overall and best of the whole contest America vs. Europe. I am very pleased. Most ironcally it is an American tree. On many occasions one can read statements on the net from Amemicans who say the Europe has a definite advantage by having much better material than America. I always say that the opposite is true. Then they say that Europe has so much better access to good material than America. Well, why do I have more than 50 Rocky Moutain Junipers and quite a few ponderosa pines then? Do I have bad access?

Anyway here the tree.