Saturday, July 14, 2007

garden juniper - part 1

This one comes from a nursery where they cut therees on a regular bsis to use the foliage for decoration. This they did with this tree for some decades. Therefore it was so desne and ahd teh foiage close to the trunk. It is a garden varity fo Chinese juniper or rateher a hybrid, Pfitzeriana or similar. Many people use these in Eruope for bonsai. Most have the bad habit to attract pear/juiper rust or similar juniper rusts. A bonsai can be ruined by the rust. It is impossible to heal it when it is there. Just cut off the branch. But what if it is an important branch? It is my experience that the blue varietes are much less prone to get the rust. This one is a blue one.
Anyway, I started the styling three years ago with big hopes. Here the picutres.