Monday, September 22, 2014

Scots pine #6


Thomas Urban said...

Hello Mr. Pall,

Did you find the pine as it was and then collect or was someone visiting it and preparing it for future bonsai, as in bringing in the foliage closer through cutting?

Also how long did you wait from collection to do the first styling, two years?

Thank you!


Walter Pall said...

Thomas, the first image of the tree is five years after collecting. I prepared it on the spot by cutting back pretty much. Then two years later I collected it. Then planted it into the ground. Then after five years it was ready for harvest-This is the first image. From then it still took more than ten years to present stage.

Thomas Urban said...

You made another fantastic tree. Thank you for sharing with us and answering.

Will you ever visit the Czech Republic in the future? I would love to learn anything from you. Maybe in the spring I could visit and perhaps help you with something?

Walter Pall said...

Thomas, I am in your country often, sometimes driving through. It all depends on who invites me.