Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rocky Mountain Juniper #6

This juniper was looking pretty good already in  2007. But then every spring it lost one half to two thirds of the foliage due to a disastrous fungus. I tried with all sorts of fungicides but the foliage still died. Last year, when I was ill nobody sprayed and it was even worse and I had almost given up the tree. This year I poured coper fungicide every two weeks from end of march to middle of may all over the tree. This worked and it lost almost no foliage at all this year. Now it made sense to style it again. It looks to me like the tree is back on track again.


bottasegreta said...

I really appreciate that you include photos that show how long you let the shoots grow before you cut it back.

Are you cutting back your junipers on the same basic "hedge cutting" schedule, once every three months or so?

Walter Pall said...

Similar, yes. Trees need to grow to be healthy.