Friday, September 5, 2014

European spruce #72

In August of 2015 serious styling will begin.



Andy said...

Hello Walter,

you're repotting many Yamadori spruces at the moment.
I have a quite good Yamadori spruce I found in spring 2013.
It grew very well last year and seems to be very healthy now, it even made shoots 3 times this year (ok, the second one was not really much, in late May). Ramnification is fantastic for a spruce.
I think I can work on this tree now.
What is the first step?
Repotting or styling (choosing branches, cutting back, not wiring)?
Of course I can only do one of these, the other one will have to wait until September '15.

Best regards,

Walter Pall said...

Andy, in my climate this would be VERY late. I only slip pot some trees from now on and do very minor styling. Your book is telling what is the situation in the middle of japan, which IS a climate like the south of Italy, OR or central California. It would be too late for repotting and it would be very late for styling in my place. The time you should have done this was four to six weeks ago. I always first repot trees, getting rid of old soil from the habitat, stones and seeing what is under the ground. Often a great nebari appears. Then I make a clear decision about the final shape of the tree. After that I plant it into a very small container in the right position. Then one or several years later I finally style the tree. Many do it the other way round.

Andy said...

thank you very much for your answer.
My climate is the same as yours.
Four weeks ago I was on holiday, before this I was in hospital.
So the tree will have to wait until next year.