Monday, September 15, 2014

RMJ out of Nature's Way Nursery wins 'best American tree` in Rochester

My Rocky Mountain Juniper was avaialable at Nature's Way Nursery in Harrisburg starting 2008. In 2013 Mauro Stemberger styled it there in a demo. My student Brian had the guts to purchase it and the skills to edit it for winning the show. Congratulations to all.

A well known European bonsai master since years spreads the word 'it is impossible to ever make a good bonsai of Rocky Mountain Juniper'. How come this tree wins the show? And it was not even the best juniper from Nature's Way Nursery,


Steve Moore said...

The award is well-deserved!

Anonymous said...

Walter, as you know, I had not even seen a RMJ 5 years ago. Now, this is one of many residing at my home in Norfolk, VA. It's a great honor to have even participated in this show, much less be considered for an award. Everyone I spoke to was friendly, encouraging, and complimentary of the composition. I would have liked to have gotten Mauro's endorsement after my 2nd round of re-wiring and deadwood work, but he hasn't seen the tree since last year while still in the mica pot. I tried staying true to his initial design, but also add my own touch. I hope he is as pleased as well. I owe many thanks to you, Mauro, Jim Doyle, Sean Smith and so many people in the bonsai community that contributed this result. Thank you Bill V. For hosting such a great event. This past weekend was incredible!
Brian Hollowell

Tom said...

Who is a "well known European bonsai master since years" who "spreads the word 'it is impossible to ever make a good bonsai of Rocky Mountain Juniper'?

Tom said...

So we forgot who he is, then?

Walter Pall said...

No, we don't forget him. e has outed himslef on facebook. He continues to spread this. If I wanted to mention the name I wold have done so rigth away.

Flex said...

All of us from the Natures Way bonsai community are so pleased at this recognition!
Watching Brian's face as the award was announced was priceless!
Anyway, this opens the door for many more Rocky Mountain Junipers to appear at the US National. of course, Brian has set the quality benchmark, so the next ones must be better!
Congrats Brian...we are all very proud of your achievement!
See you at the Winter with Walter & Jim!