Thursday, September 4, 2014

European spruce #78

In August 2015 serious styling will begin.


Patrik Decicco said...

I am wondering how you decide when it's okay to put a recently collected tree into a training pot? Simply based on the how the plant has responded after being liberated? By no means criticizing, just curious because I collect trees that have retained great vigor after collecting and always thought it should be okay to wait less than a couple years as most recommend. Thanks for your time.

Walter Pall said...

Good question Patrik,

I decide by carefully watching the vigor of the tree. In this case the spruce was collected in May of 2014. In the beginning of September I can see very strong and numerous growth in the first vegetation period. I can see that this year's needles are longer, thicker and greener than the old ones. i can see that there are numerous buds for next year. Not just one at the end but several. And then I dig into the substrate and find lots of fine roots where obviously none had been in May. If this is the case the tree is ready for repotting. Usually this happens after two years, sometimes it takes five year, often, however it happens within the fist six months. if that is the case the tree is ready. I have very good results with what I am doing.