Friday, July 26, 2013

Japanese white pine #4 redesigned

Japanese white pine, Pinus pentaphylla, collected in the Japanese mountains many decades ago. It was styled by a bonsai master and spent a few decades in collections. Now it came to Europe and found my garden.

I love such material which enables me to kiss the frog and try to turn him into a price within two days. The last images with the round pot are virtuals, of course. The pot by Derek Aspinall would be fine. I hope to have a similar one in spring of 2014.



Guido Trombetta said...

As usual you've done a great job. Now it's both more interesting and more natural looking.. Especially the top of the canopy.. Before it looked like one of those Maritime Pine (Pinus Pinaster) tha grow on Italian coasts.. And now it looks like a true old specimen of White Pine.
Great Improvement! Now it's truly a prince even though i woudn't have defined it a frog before your "kiss".. ;-)


phils928 said...

Dear Walter fantastic freestyle. I am puzzled by two things your new choice of pot and the bottom left branch may I ask how you arrived at the decisions you did. What process you go through in arriving where you did. I would never in a million years be able to cut that branch off yet some how it looks wrong to me as if It just isn't quite sitting in harmony. Also the pot do you try virtuals of several and then make a decision or do you just know as you do the redesign thanks Phil

phils928 said...

Many thanks Walter
I see what you mean the branch is the character or feature that makes you look harder at the tree. I struggle with Getting the bigger picture of what my objective is (a bit like life)as I have heard it said to be interesting you need to create a tree not a bonsai. I find it very hard not to copy and even harder to decide on a pot and I only wish to please me lol I will continue to read your blog in search of inspiration. thanks Phil.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered removing the low branch?