Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And how about this pot?

Anf how about this pot by Dieter Schunta from Germany? The pot is for real. I could also keep the tree on the slab and use the pot only for exhibit, just filling the empty space with substrate.



Anonymous said...

Although the pot is fantastic, it just appears too large for this group in my opinion. It gives me the illusion of tree floating on a canoe or boat. I certainly think the current slab does not do this grouping justice - too small, flat, & uninteresting. I would prefer to see the tree in similar pot in a smaller size, but I must admit the large container would be interesting and unfamiliar.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,

Personally I prefer the slab. The slab is a bit too small, but I agree with Brian that this pot is a bit too big. Still, it is nice to mix things up.


Anonymous said...

Well, the pot might seem a bit too wide to some people, but perhaps Walter plans to grow the lower branches a bit longer?

Anyway, I like the pot.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the pot maker for keeping the line so straight on such a large pot.


Anonymous said...

No tree is an island...