Friday, July 19, 2013

European spruce #64 part 2

The story started in 2008. Five years later the group looks quite promising. The secret is the quality of material. Instead of using second rate young material for the group I selected very old trees with lots of character. And in the end it shows. The wire will stay on four to five years in my climate. Then the group should be presentable.



ray said...

Those trunks really give this composition a lot of credibility

Anonymous said...

Dear Walter,
I really like this group of trees. And the thought behind it to form a group with first class trees that each apart would be a believable bonsai.
I believe the trees are rather big? Do you have a photo that shows the size of the trees (other than the collecting pictures)?
Gr. Dick van Dreven

Walter Pall said...


the trees are medium size, the highest one is 45 cm, as you can see when I held it in my hands right after collecting.