Wednesday, July 31, 2013

And this is the final one

People said that the old slab is fine, that the new long pot is fine, that the pot is too long, that the best would be a new slab of medium size. Well, we all have something like this at home, don't we. Not really! By sheer coincidence I had such a thing. In May I did a trade, a bit unwillingly, and got this slab by Dieter, called 'zopf'. It is like he made it for that tree. i am quite happy now.



Anonymous said...

You could say this tree was destined for that slab! A very pleasing combination.


Kenneth Olsen said...

This tree is amazing!

Steve Moore said...

I agree: "like he made it for that tree." Superb composition!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Pall:

Your latest post, displaying your very artful alterations and improvement of this tree, along with reconsideration of it's container vs. slab suggested a question about display and exhibition.

I have never been able to see your trees in an exhibition, but I imagine they do not have traditional stands, scrolls and accent plants.

What is your view on this traditional Japanese practice. They are beautiful.....but what do you do?



Walter Pall said...


I have different stands, all made in Europe, Japanese stands are way too expensive. I use traditional and more modern. Since this is not a Japanese art form you don't have to do like the Japanese. Only if you want to win a medal and only if you don't want to disturb an orderly exhibit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,

How do you get the modern substrate to stay mounded on the slab without washing away?


Walter Pall said...

I use muck which I make of 50% rough peat and 50 % garden soil.

Cesar said...

This is awesome!