Monday, July 22, 2013

Japanese White Pine #3

Japanese white pine, Pinus parviflira, imported from Japan. This tree was on Kokufu Ten already If someone can find out when and which number exhibit this was I would be grateful. This information I need for history file. Anyway, I am quite happy to have acquired for myself a lot of work. It will be a real challenge to try get this tree into top shape. Well, it is in top shape. So the challenge is to make it even better, if possible much better. We will see and I will report.



Anonymous said...

Walter, this is a special find. This group is especially fantastic. I'm surprised by the amount of material you are acquiring from Japan recently. Is there a specific reason for this? Or is this just a case of coming across world class trees and getting them while available? As usual, I'm filled with envy.


Rik said...

These JWP's are not grafted right?

Walter Pall said...


all these new JWPs are seedlings, collected in the Japanese mountains. A wild tree almost always has much more character than a nursery tree. It's like a wild boar vs. a house swine. They are very old and it shows. We used to believe that they will die on us sooner or alter. This is why they are not common her although we always could import them without problems. Now we know that it's the feeding of extra minerals like iron and magnesium in addition to regular feed that keeps them alive. And then one does not have to deal with an ugly graft union.

Lakeshore Bonsai said...

This group is absolutely fantastic. What a fun project this will be, I can't wait to see your updates! This must be one of the best JWP groups outside of Japan.

Marc said...

Is the myth of the seedlings still true? You know ,the story of that seedlings are weaker than the grafted ones. If so, then you've got a jewel in your hands right there.