Monday, November 21, 2011

Four small oriental hornbeams

Oriental hornbeams, Carpinus orintalis, all collected.


Michael Westside said...

They look strange.

Walter Pall said...

They don't look like standard bonsai. And they are not supposed to look like that. They will look like real trees eventually. Artists who create the expected, the things that sell, are not artists but craftsmene at best.

Anonymous said...

Are you using copper or aluminum wire on these deciduous trees? If it is copper that you are using, do you experience any bark discoloration or permanent stains? I prefer using copper on all of my trees, but I haven't used any on my hornbeams yet.

Awesome material by the way.


Walter Pall said...

On these hornbeams I am using aluminum wire. It has to be quite thick for bending the trunks as hornbeams have hard wood but beauty is not important at this moment. The wire has to do the job. The wire that is a bit thicker than you think it shoudl be is usually better to do the Job. Purists will hate my wiring. But in about twelve to eithteen months it goes off and is forgotten.

Walter Pall said...

Coming back to the strange look of these 'trees':
Well, maybe they are not even supposed to look like trees eventually. Thinking about it I am really trying to make them look like shrubs, like bushes.

Now who would try to make a bonsai that looks like a shrub?
Well I would. Why not?