Saturday, November 19, 2011

European hornbeam #2

European hornbeam, Carpinus betulus,last image as of 2001


aj-boulder co said...

I really like the first picture. Was this before the application of wire (as in the 2nd and 3rd pictures)?

Walter Pall said...

Sure ths was before. So why did I apply wire and it looks uglier than begore?
Such is profesional bonsai. I sacrifice momentary beauty for future beatuy which is better.
Amateurs would never do this. So they have amateurish trees all their life.

aj-boulder co said...

Yes i understand that point. Are you inferring that the branches will grow upward, out of place, and lose this shape and beauty without the wire? Simply put, why apply the wire to a tree that is very nice today? Will it not be so nice "tomorrow"?

Walter Pall said...

No, the tree will eventually look better than it did befor the wire. It would not improve otherwise. Such is serious bonsai.
The better is the enemy of the good.

aj-boulder co said...

At what point did you cross the line from (self-proclaimed) amateur to Bonsai Professional?

Walter Pall said...

I am not a bonsai profsssional I don't buy trees to sell I don't style trees to sell. I am just doing serious bonsai.
What most would call a professional I already was twenty years ago.

Matt Williams said...

The dificulty is simply one of terminology, the old definitions of amateur and professional are quite clear.

To be called an amateur was once a compliment, suggesting, as in the ultimate Latin source “amātor”, a devoted lover or enthusiastic pursuer of an objective.

Amateur bonsai can be serious bonsai, and professional bonsai can be rubbish. Walter, and many others, fall into the former category.