Friday, September 23, 2011

European black pine #11

European black pine, Pinus nigra Austriaca, collected in Austria. Last image as of 2001.
Walter plucked all the old needles and thought that the tree looked great. Well, I insisted in wiring the whole thing again, for the third time, or was it the fourth time? Anyway, now it's coming closer to what I thought it should look like.
Pot by Isabelia. It was a gift. Thank you Josef!


Ryan said...

When you anchor guy wires with a screw in the trunk, what type of screw should you use? Stainless steel?

Walter Pall said...


I rarely ever do this. In this case the wire is attached to a jin.
If I had to use a screw I would take stainless. But if it gets rusty I have no problems at all. I feed my trees with pure iron sometimes. So where is the problem?