Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tatarian honeysuckle #3

Tatarian honeysuckle, Lonicera tatarica, collected in Norway in 2010. Quite a challenge.


Christian said...

Hi Walter,

Was any consideration given to maybe removing the trunk on the left that comes out of the soil? I kind of like the composition without it (but I am a novice at such material). I woudl like to hear your thought process and vision for this tree -without waiting for the pictires over the next 5-10 years :).

Walter Pall said...

sure this is being considered and may well happen. The tree has to develop a lot of branches anyway. So next year it will be wired and stlyed. At that time I might also consider to place it into a much smaller container. At that point I might cut off the big trunk on the left. If I do it I will take it off with roots to have an extra single living trunk.
So why don't I do it right away? Well,because it is not 100 % certain for me at the moment . Bonsai is indeed a long term endeavor. I may decide in five years or ten. That's how it should be in my opinion. It is nothing for folks who are in a hurry.
It may alos happen that a new owner makes that decision.

Crust said...

I have been experimenting with largw Honey suckles and have had the problem of them filling the soil with roots in half a season and then they are so root bound and poorly drained they languish. They look much the same as these.