Thursday, March 3, 2011

Logo contest deadline approaching

The deadline for submitting your ideas of the logo is Saturday, March 5 midnight. Well, midnight in your place. This means that the last midnight is nine hours after mine. It is Pacific Coast time in the USA.
It will then take me a couple of days to consider all submisisons and I will come up with what I think is the best for me. This will be quite tough.

Ok, I have figured out the best way:
On Sunday I will print out all logos (around 150 or more!!) and glue them to the big wall in my basement. Then I will cover my head so that I will be blind. Then I will tak a dart arrow and throw it at the wall. Wherever the arrow stick is my logo. I think this will be fair.

Or so.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Walter Why don't you pick the one that you like the best! That is fair to you! This is your company and will be associated to you. There are some logos that are better than others.