Monday, March 7, 2011

Logo for Bonsai Academy #20 The winner

The selection took quite a while and was not easy at all. Up to 300 different logos from all around the world were presented. It was obvious that folks spent a great amount of time and effort to do their best. It was also obvious that some professional designers were among them. I want to thank you all for your great participation. This was way beyond my expectations.

I want to thank the winner, Marcel for his great design.

blackphobos alias

Marcel Drechsler - Mediendesigner
Feldstraße 17
09471 Baerenstein

E-Mail epos(at)

The logo with the deciduous tree was chosen because it is clearly different from the conifers which the whole world is using, because the tree does not try the least to look like a bonsai, but rather like a real large deciduous tree, clearly stylized, as it should be for a logo. The Bonsai Academy stands out as the most important, it is 'international' to differentiate if from other Academies. WP is the leading name at the moment for the Academy, but not the most important thing. The name can be changed if feasible.
The logo is clear, simple, unique, with strong remembrance factor, timeless, unpretentiousness, usable internationally. It should be acceptable for everyone. It can be used on any surface with any color. Well, just as a logo should be. Done by a pro.

Thank you all.

For unknown reasons the logo does not look neat on the google blog. It looks great on my screen in original though.


Andrija Zokic said...

Very nice logo.

Matt Williams said...

Bravo Marcel Drechsler. An excellent choice, I must say Walter, this is the one which I would have chosen (infact it was then I saw this entry I abandoned my own plan to submit a logo as this was clearly superior).

Rene said...

A good choice and congratulations with a great new logo! Good job from Marcel Drechsler.


Anonymous said...

Glückwunsch Marcel,eine ausgezeichnete Arbeit!
Wie man sie vom Profi erwartet.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Steffen Döhler

Erik Križovenský said...

Hi Marcel,
congratulations to victory.
I wish Walter the new design a lot of luck
and even more bonsai enthusiasts in this academy.

...and all the pretty spring days

Anonymous said...

Great, thats the end of that, now you can get back to doing what you do best! Updating daily pics of trees, phew