Saturday, March 26, 2011

new oriental hornbeams- endless

All these are oriental hornbeams, Carpinus orientalis, collected two years ago. they are all for sale or trade.


Anonymous said...

where do all of these hornbeams come from? by 'collected' do you mean dug out of growing fields, or are there oriental hornbeams growing in the wild in your area? thanks just confused.

Walter Pall said...

Oriental hornbeams do not grow wild in Germany. They grow in Southeast-Europe and even in Turkey and further. The ones that I show come from the Balkan, which is a moutain range along the Mediterranean Sea. It is the trerritory that used to be Yugoslavia. These hornbeams are hardy in Germany depite their origin. This makes them outstanding bonsai material. These species is the most important discovery for bonsai in the past decades that I know of.

Anonymous said...

Actually, they come from the Balkan peninsula. However not from the Balkan mountains but rather from the Dinarides. Which is, in fact, a much larger mountain range than the Balkans and the Balkan peninsula should by all rights have been named Dinaric peninsula instead. Just another "geographical" mistake.