Sunday, November 28, 2010

workshops in Portland, Or on Tuesday, Dec. 7

On Tuesday, December 7 this year I will be in
Portland, Or area. Randy Knight offers workhsops
for this day. It is either full day of half day.
Silent observers are also welcome. This will be
a BYO - workhop - BYO - bring your own.
Bring anything, from shrub in box to exhibit ready
bonsai.Bring several trees if ossible. Everything will
be discussed thoroughly.
Call Randy Knight for details: 503-396-6323 


eric said...

Does Randy have a website?
No luck finding it with Google..
Safe travels,

Al Polito said...

See you there, Walter—hemlock in tow.

Walter Pall said...

Randy has no website. You will have to call him. Sorry.

Diana`s said...

hallo walther..beautiful photos.what a interesting hobby you have.i`ll be back to follow...bye..Diana ..DK.

Anonymous said...

Having withdrawls from you blog...

Walter Pall said...

What exactly are you trying to tell us?