Friday, November 19, 2010

One more plug for the upcoming seminar in Harrisburg, Pa.

Good news: the seminars in Harrisburg will be integrated in the WP International Bonsai Academy.  We already have a sizable attendance secured. There will be so many that it will not take place in the normal room but in the new greenhouse. There we can host 50 or more folks. On that weekend Nature's Way Nursery will have their Christmas Open House. This means that you can expect to get bargains. It is possible to talk about all the collected trees there too. You could take them with you right away as Christmas gift for someone or yourself.

Seminar at Nature's Way Nursery in Harrisburg, Pa


Join Walter Pall and Jim Doyle for in an depth study . Any level of bonsai expierience welcome. Health, care, styling, deadwood development & design focusing on Naturalistic styling of your previous trees, existing trees or future trees along with many examples.
Limited participation in this new offering here at Nature's Way Nursery & Bonsai studio.

A lot of time will be reserved to "Ask the Master" all sorts of questions including: Bonsai in Europe, taking professional photographs, Pallsai design, substrate feeding and watering complex, maple development, Tree Inspiration for all brought trees. We encourage you to bring 1-3 trees. Some time available for "next step" development.
European Bonsai scene & styling included in this scholarly discussion.
20% discount given to all students. !5% off all WP trees.

Walter and Jim are excited to offer this event and look forward to seeing old and new friends. Need hotel help...let us know.

Friday December 3 6-9 Discussion and program
Saturday " 4 9:30-6 light lunch included we may all go out to dinner together dutch treat
Sunday " 5 10-4

Cost: $150
85 single day 50% deposit required

Sign up by calling 717-545-4555 ask for Jim and mention Winter with Walter & Jim

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