Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Three seminars in Germany in 2011 - German

The seminars are in German, so the announcement is in German. Sorry.

Im Jahre 2011 finden drei Seminare Potenzialerkennung in Deutschland statt.

- 23. April bei Suteki Bonsai in Berlin

- 4. Juni in Enger bei Bonsaischule Enger

- 17. September bei Bonsaigaten in Linda (18. September Workhop in Linda)

Beschreibung der Inhalte und Anmeldung bei florapan


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter

I love your blog and visit it a number of times a week. I find your way of telling Bonsai the way it is, down to earth and refreshing.
I have said before and will again say that you are an inspiration with your work on Bonsai but also with your work in sharing your knowledge here on the web.

And with this in mind I have to say that the "New Look" of this blog is VERY not user friendly!
I am missing the possibility to have an overview (like in the old blog) of all the posts you have made this month.
I'm sure that it is possible to have that as a tool on the sidebar in this format...?

Otherwise one is scrolling down and not sure where to stop...
I hope this makes sence to you.

Thank you from Copenhagen.

avicenna said...

Hallo Walter,
I would like to subscribe what Warren wrote. I don't find that this outlook is much better than the last.