Thursday, November 4, 2010

Japanese beech and European hornbeam


Stefan said...

Dear Walter

I am following your blog since a while and I must say it is truly inspirational to watch and read. On that note, allow me to ask a question on your hornbeams. You have some carved quite substantially. However, hornbeams wood is rotting rather quickly when exposed to humidity. I understand that sometimes you use wood hardener, sometimes you prefer not to. In the case of hornbeams what would be your advise?

Walter Pall said...


dos not matter. It is your artistic choice. Wood rot is NOT dangerous. Trees do NOT die from within by root rot. Sou you can do what you like. But not in Japan. There it is forbidden. No kidding.

Stefan said...

No need to publish, I just wanted to thank you for your prompt reply. I have about 30 collected hornbeams (most from hedges) in all stages of development, and so far I always tried to conceal any wound. I will give the naturalistic style a chance with a few, I am looking forward to accompany them during their development.