Tuesday, January 5, 2010

winter again

Minus 11°C, pretty cold today.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Pall,
I was able to see your demo in Decin and listen to your evaluation of trees at the exhibition. It was really a great time, thank you.
I recently started to read your blog, it is fun but also one can learn a lot. From time to time you write about your ideas on watering and fertilising. Today I took some time to find more about that. I found what you wrote about watering bonsai but couldn't about your fertilizing method. When I look at the photos and see the transformation it is not difficult to understand that you know exactly what is your aim, where you are heading with each of the tree. However for that you need good growth and I see you really get that.
Please kindly advise on fertilizing. When you are starting to fertilize, if all trees at the same time. What you use and in what proportions, how often etc. This would be so helpfull. I have a lot of information from Japan but now I am in Europe and your experience may help a lot.

with kindest regards,

strikewolf said...


Do you ever consider extra shelter for yr trees, beside the snow, during periods of < -10 celcius.

Walter Pall said...


my whole garden is filled with up to 1,000 trees. Where in the world would I put them if it gets too cold? I have to leave them where they are. They are all hardy trees, of course, anyway. The tender ones are in the greenhouse. This is filed with more than 100 bonsai. Temperatures there go down to minus 10 °C sometimes. I rarely loose trees over winter because of very low temperatures. late frosts are much more dangerous.


Walter Pall said...


i fertilize with mineral (chemical) fertilizer from beginning of April until middle of October. I use regular fertilizer from the garden center with strong nitrogen content. I fertilize every ten days to two weeks. In addition I fertilize with chicken pellets at the beginning of June and end of August. I fertilize about three to twenty times more then most bonsai enthusiasts. BUT I USE MODERN SUBSTRATES AND ALSO WATER AGGRESSIVELY EVERY DAY. If you use soil and don't water too much you will kill your plants with over-fertilizing.


eric said...

Is ceramic pot breakage an issue?

Michael said...

Dear Mr. Pall,

I have been following your blog for quite some time and cannot thank you enough for all it has taught me. As a follow-up to the prior comment, I was wondering how often (and if) you water your bonsai during the winter and when your watering regimen changes? How does this differ for the bonsai left outside versus those currently in your greenhouse?

Walter Pall said...


we only use hardy pots.


Walter Pall said...


all trees get watered when required. In the greenhouse this means every four weeks when ti is very cold all the time. When it gets a bit warmer the greenhouse effect works very quickly and they have to get watered once a week and in March every two days.
The ones outside in some winters don't get watered at all. The snow and rain are enough. Sometimes, when it is dry and warm for more than two weeks I water. I shovel snow all over most trees. By the end of March I have to start worrying about watering for serious.