Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ready for Noelanders Trophy - the demo tree

This is a mugo pine which was collected five or more years ago by Serge Clemence in Switzerland. it changed hands a couple of times and I am the fourth owner now. The change of hands is s sure sign that it is a challenging tree. So far the tree is untouched, as found in nature. I will style this tree alone on stage on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Should I finish way early, which is possible, I might do anther tree in addition. Anyway, one can see the virtuals that I have prepared to see possibilities of styling that I find pleasing. I plan to do the first virtual. But, as always, the tree will tell me what to do finally. We'll see.

I will arrive on Friday early afternoon. I will have with me biotreecleaener, woodhardener, 6mm carving bits, WP-CD, pins. Ma table is next to John Pitts's.

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