Sunday, January 31, 2010

This blog is three years old

Three years development from nothing is not much for a bonsai but it is a very long time in this digital age. Let's see the hard numbers of this blog.

Per MONTH it gets 6,260 individual visitors. This means visits from one single computer. Successive visits from the same computer are not counted.
In the year 2008 the blog got 53,973 visits from DIFFERENT, INDIVIDUAL computers.
Imagine: more than 50,000 folks see this blog per year. Most come back many times, many do this every day.
From 2008 to 2009 the numbers of this blog rose by 58 %.

This is far more than any bonsai forum in the world has as population. Every single day between 500 and 1,000 individuals visit this blog. Most bonsai forums have less than a third of this traffic.

Individuals from 146 countries visit the blog in one year. Most visitors come from USA, then from Germany, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Canada, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, and so on until 141 Mongolia, 142 Grenada, 143 Namibia, 144 US Virgin Islands, 145 Burkina Faso, and 146 Libya.

US$ $84,823.8 is the supposed value of this blog according to this internet site valuation. This is far more than the bonsai forums. Well, I have no clue what this means exactly. If it means that someone will pay me 100,000 then I agree.

Well, anyway, it is fun and it gives me a good feeling to make all these photographs and report about my bonsai adventures when I know how many people see this.


Sebastijan Sandev said... cannot cheat numbers. And, I know, you know, I believe that every sane person knowes that there's a reason for that.
Walter, they can talk whatever they want... :)

Bandi said...

I personally enter almost daily to check if there's anything new posted. I believe it's the best place to see tree developments as they should be taught. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Walter, I consider you one, if not THE, best Bonsai artists in Europe and the world. The fact that you share so generousely of your knowledge and time makes you the most exciting and interesting Bonsai master in the world! I am not surprised that so many ppl. check your blog out. I know that I check in on a daily basis.

Thank you very much for the time and effort you put in to pass Bonsai on to the rest of us.

Kindest from Denmark :-)

Arzivenko said...

You should create your forum of discussion.

Lucas Sirotny said...

I should completely undewrite what other folks stated above. Many thanks for running this most amazing blog and all the best for the future!!!

Best regards from Czech Republic

Радко Колев said...

Hello Walter,
I'm from Bulgaria.Probably only I visit the blog at least once a day.That's 200 times per year(2009). This which you public really helps me a lot . Congratulations, please do this much more long time.

Ana Veler said...

Glad to hear, how else!

I wish I knew who the other Romanian readers were, if there are any.

Speaking of forums... I would think that this place is one[*]: there is nothing preventing discussion, allot inviting it and pretty darn good insurance against waste of words. This blog is anything but talking to itself. Always a pleasure!

[ * some cross the line explicitly: the blog of the San Francisco Asian Arts Museum tracks the latest & frequent comment writers - it is a small 'meet & greet' space]

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Walter, this really is the best blog on the internet. I've been with for almost the entire three years!

Pedro said...

Hello Walter,

those numbers are not a surprise for me.
It is very difficult do find a blog in the internet like yours and in my opinion it is because of several points:

1- You have stunning trees, many and beautiful photos showing all the progress since the very beginning until the present time of the tree as bonsai;

2- You have "the touch", "the vision" and your own personal style that differs from the traditional bonsai;

3- Your blog is very active, so many people are visiting it every single day, more than once, in order to see if there is something new;

4- You reply for almost every comment, question and critique;

5- You are always available to teach and explain every single detail of this wonderful art.

Like the Open Source Software, you are the the "Open Source Bonsai Master". ;)


Pedro Inacio

Anonymous said...

This blog is a true source of inspiration for all bonsai lovers, so why wonder it’s one of the hottest spots on the map? The numbers are justified and reflect a reality. Congratulations mr Pall and thanks for all you generously share.
Ana, sure there are other romanian readers, like Bandi above, myself, and many other people I know.

Best wishes for the blog’s future!

Rick Moquin said...


Let me start by saying Happy Birthday!

I have been following your pilgrimage in bonsai since my early beginnings. I have watched as you re-created your new website and started this blog. I am glad you embraced the new technologies available and used them to their fullest potential, never being afraid to share in their discoveries etc...

I believe you have inspired many others to follow suit. I know you inspired me, and for that I am eternally grateful. I was looking for an avenue to document my journey and did not like the constraints of a website or a database. The forums were alright I suppose but I lost a lot of data that way, that only got posted there.

My blog is a place to gather my progressions. I make no mistake about where I am at in/with bonsai, but it is definitely nice to have everything under one roof so to speak.

Another great addition you are working on is your article section, don't you just like the flexibility of a blog? I know this is a daunting task for you (all the translations) but take a bow, you deserve it. As many, I have you on my blog roll and constantly check for juicy updates.

Keep up the good work the bonsai scene is a better place with your contributions.

In closing I see more and more technical advances across the many blogs across the net. Bonsai blogging has become pretty juicy indeed :)

Stavros said...

Dear Walter,

This is more than a blog. We all admire your stunning trees and at the same time we benefit from the horticultural advice you offer so generously.
Thank you so much.
Keep it going.


Sebastijan Sandev said...

You SHOULD create your forum of discussion.

Oh, yes!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I am posting a comment but I can surely tell you that I check this blog everyday. I have been inspired by the work you do Master Pall and I thank you. Keep up the good spirit. Thank you.

João Santos said...

Hi Walter,
I think it's all written above and I know that your aware of it but I'l say it anyway: Everybody wants to learn with the best and the numbers speak for them selves.

And yes, i'm one of those who passes here every single day.

Keep it up!!!!!

Greatings from Portugal
João Santos

Paul Landis said...

Thanks for all the time and expertise you put into your blog!! It is a wonderful resource and inspiration!!!

strikewolf said...

Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing knowledge and insight inn all areas regarding Bonsai.

Your straightforwardness is highly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Glueckwunsch - auch aus Canada.
What else can one say that hasn't been said above?
The Bonsai world would be so much smaller without you, Walter. You have allowed us to accelerate our learning tremendously. Thank-you, Sensei.

Michael, New Hamburg, Ontario.

Emre Durdar said...

Greetings from Istanbul Turkey,
Happy anniversary Mr. Pall, please keep up the great work. Your blog is a great source for any bonsai enthusiast , i love reading it

Alex Probst said...

Thank you for that, Walter. You brought Bonsai many steps further. I hope we can work together for the next hundred years...

Anonymous said...

Congrats Walter. You deserve it!

Tomaz said...

Tanks, Walter. Your work is an inspiration. Tomaz from Brazil.

Tomaz said...

Thanks, Walter. Your work is an inspiration. Tomaz (Brazil)