Friday, January 29, 2010

stand for mugo cascade

The mugo cascade which is called 'Salvador Dali' needs the right stand as it is approaching maturity. It might be shown at bonsaiautumn and/or Noelanders Trophy 2011. The present stand is not good as it is not square. On the images one cannot see this though. Image number 6 is my favorite as the first two images unfortunately don't count because the stand is not square. Well on option is to have image number 2 and build a square stand like the one shown.


Rick Moquin said...


If the pot is square then you can get away with photo #2 and is indeed permissible (not that it matters). I believe the composition works well and brings the best out of the tree. I like the the stands in the last 2 pics but not the top. I like the top of pic 4 or even 5 with the stand shape of pics 7 & 8

Anonymous said...

Walter; what's wrong with rotating the pot another 10 - 15 degrees clockwise in image 6 ?

Walter Pall said...

Nothing is wrong with that. It will be in the right position as soon as I have a new stand.


Ken (Denmark) said...

Pic 6 is my favorite too - but I also like the pic 4 composition.

Peter said...


can't help myself but i like the original stand, the other possible stands are either too dark or too wide.

My opinion.


zopf said...

Hallo Walter
Querverstrebungen im oberen Bereich stören den Fluss der Kaskade (6,7,8).
Die filigrane Bauart von 3 ist etwas zu leicht.
Bei 5 wirkt der Versatz der Standbeine etwas unruhig.
Ist aber nur mein persönliches
mfG Dieter

William N. Valavanis said...


Very nice bonsai, I like it very much.

Just a few personal thoughts on table selection for this Mugho pine bonsai:

No. 3: Table is too weak, not heavy enough for the massive container.

No. 4: I like this table the best. The top is thicker than the legs and provides a balanced visual setting.

No. 5: Heaviness of the table is good, but the leg design is too distracting for this bonsai.

No. 6: The bamboo motif of the legs and top rail are not suitable for a pine bonsai. Better for a maple or other deciduous species, best displayed in summer. Also, I don’t like the straight legs at the bottom. This bonsai requires some kind of additional rail on the bottom, like in No. 4 or No. 5.

No. 6: Table not bad, but I find the top rail and dowels a bit too distracting for the pine bonsai.

Also Walter, personally I like the angle view of this bonsai rather than the flat view because the open oval circle is not too interesting and the upper section of dead wood is hidden.

Great bonsai! I’m curious to see which display table you finally decide on (and then try to find) and your final container selection. Have you tried an equal sided container, hexagonal or octagonal?