Friday, January 1, 2010

interesting poll

See this:

IBC poll Bonsai person of the year2009

This is kind of funny. I wonder how these names were chosen.
Anyway, enjoy.


Anonymous said...


avicenna said...

Who knows Bill Valavanis? I have never heared about him or seen any trees which were styled by him. With a choice of only 24 total votes and the fact that none probably knew about the "contest" of the Internet bonsai club ... so this beeing the case ... Walter congratulations ;-)

Walter Pall said...

The poll is not finished yet. Go there:

Ferry said...

Yeah, over here! Pick me! I know William N. Valavanis! He's one of the "godfathers" of American bonsai and organiser of the First National Exhibition.

If you should compare him to someone else, you could say he is the American Danny Use (you know hĂ­m, right? Otherwise this comment is rather silly and embarassing, for both of us ;-)

So? What did I win?

Perhaps try a little more research next time, before making such a, well ignorant comment. No offense.

Anyway, this must be quite the ego-boost, mr. Pall, isn't it? Or some kind of reward for maintaining this rather excellent blog.

Regards from the Netherlands,


Walter Pall said...


I have no clue how these names were chosen and why I am on the list. Well, no harm done so far.Ego-boos? Well this would apply to everyone who is on the list.


Stavros said...

What criteria do they follow for nominations and then for voting??
I think this whole thing, giving a title with only 10-15 votes is not serious at all.
People who are well know to the bonsai circles because of their high quality trees do not need all this to feel good.

I am sure Walter needs no stupid ego-boost by 10-20 votes. He's passed that.....


Stavros said...

What criteria have been used to put people on the list or were used to vote for them??
Surely not based solely on their bonsai skills, quality of personal collection or teaching capabilities....

ANd giving away such a heavy title with total of just 10-15 votes, sadly makes the title insignificant.

This is my personal truthful opinion.

Mr Pall does not need an ego-boost of this kind. He ' s passed that i am sure. His trees, expertise and teachings speak for themselves.