Saturday, January 30, 2010

new cherry, prunus # 9

This is the cherry catch of my lifetime. It is a collected Prunus mahaleb from France. The first thing was to cut off the handles of that plastic container. The blue pot is By John Pitt, but it is too small. I blew it up for virtually planting the cherry. I will have to commission him to build me a new one. Within the next weeks I will edit the crown, treat the wood with biotrecleaner and then with wood hardener. Then I might plant it into an intermediary round bonsai pot until spring of 2011 when I will have the new pot by John Pitt.


Rui Ferreira said...

The dead wood as a really old feel to it!
And it creates movement.
Great tree!
I'm very jealous!!!

Paul Landis said...

Beautiful tree. Magnificent!!

Cai said...

How should I treat dead wood? This tree is beautiful!

Walter Pall said...


if is is new deadwood you do NOTHING and hope that it decays over time. When it looks very old but green and dirty you clean it and then you apply wood hardener.