Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Learn how to develop your deciduous bonsai

Learn how to develop your deciduous bonsai

In demonstrations and in many online videos usually some master shows how to get from very good material to outstanding bonsai. Fine! But the ordinary bonsai person does not have very good material and is not willing to afford it. Often one has a stump of a broadleaved deciduous tree which was collected from some garden or from the wilderness. Now what to do with this? The demonstrations and videos are almost all about conifers. How does one approach broadleaved deciduous trees?

The new online course about development of deciduous trees tries to to feature many affordable trees for normal bonsai practitioners who do not want to afford expensive material.

Often one finds some reasonably priced piece, but there is a reason-why it is reasonable. it is complicated, close to impossible, does not lend itself to standard known styling schemes.

In the new course i show how to go about a fat collected wild cherry which seems impossible material.  Here one can learn what is not in your textbook but in reality occurs frequently.

Anyway, here is the link to the course: