Sunday, September 1, 2013

New great spruces

Many people slow down with their bonsai collection after they are 60 years old. Many reduce the collection and some give up. I do the contrary (as so often). I speed up the additions. Here six new European spruces, Picea abies. I must have a lot to work within the next twenty years, at least. These trees will require a great deal of work. They were all collected in the Alps in spring of 2013. By now one can see whether they will make it or not. These all look very happy, already have lots of good buds for next year. They will now be left as they are. I gave them a big feeding shot with a couple handful of chicken do pellets each. They will overwinter without protection and next summer I can start to do some serious stuff with them. This will be mostly uncovering the nebaris and deadwood work. Serious bending will start to happen in 2015. I hardly can wait and feel like this child at Christmas. Many will see that they are big but will not see the potential. Just trust me, these are top treess. Every single one has the potential to become a really good and famous bonsai. I will report the progress, of course.