Sunday, September 1, 2013

Great progress on Facebook

Ten days ago I have decided to move from a private Facebook presence to a fan-site. I am very happy with the results after only ten days:

1,060  people in a week have 'liked' my site and are thus members
over 17,000 individuals in a week have seen my contributions or derivatives
1,350 individuals in a week 'speak' about my contributions on the net.

Thank you for participating. These are numbers that sites would like to have which are existing since years. But this is only the beginning. I will continue to post interesting subjects about bonsai on FB in parallel to my blog. The blog with sub-blogs will stay because there are too many folks who refuse to be on FB, but will read blogs. I will continue to write on bonsai forums here and there, but I believe that these have become tertiary in todays bonsai communication. So far my blog-followers will not miss anything. Everything worthwhile I will continue to post on the blog, most subjects will then alos be posted on FB afterwards. What you are actually missing are numerous remarks and contributions on FB to my threads.

 If you want to see the FB site: WP Facebook Fan Site