Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a playful afternoon with Lena

This is European spruce #55. It is a forest of Picea abies, all collected trees. The whole thing consists of about 50 trees now. I had to collect more than 300 to have the right selection for this Mother of all Spruce Forests.
Lena wanted to be part of this and so she was. This is a lovely game. One must have a huge pot - 210 cm, 7 feet, made by 'zopf', Dieter Schunta. Thank you Dieter!!!! It is made of plastic, but one cannot see it. It looks just like made of ceramics. I could just abut carry this alone without help.
And then one needs about 100 spruce which were prepared over a couple of years and are already roughly wired.
Then the game can start. I feel like back in early childhood when i put landscapes together all day.
The last image as of today is not the finished thing. Tomorrow we will edit a bit more and then call it finished for the time being.
Thank you Lena for your help.