Tuesday, September 15, 2009

demo in CZ with larch

Besides moderating the whole event, doing lots of tree critiques i also did a quick and dirty demo in Decin, CZ this past weekend.
This larch I got in a trade two years ago. I had a moderate price tag on it but nobody wanted it so far. I took this for the demo to show what one can do with trees which are basically rejects, dogs, left-overs.
This larch seemed lousy and turned out a decent bonsai with a good future I think. It took me one hour and twenty minutes.
The last image is a virtual with a new pot and a few smaller branches on the top which will easily grow next summer.

One can alos see the effect of aplying the BIOTREECLEANER. I showed this during the demo. The liquid is applied generously with a broad brush. No protection necessary.It is an acid, but not very agressive.