Thursday, September 3, 2009

new larch #13

Mauro Stemberger has styled this enormous European larch which obviously was a tree collected in Italy a few years ago. Hi lives in the north of Italy in the lowlands. There the climate is not good at all for larches and it is getting worse due to climate change. So he offered this one to me for trade.

Ironically he took an Austrian black pine, Pinus nigra austriaca, for it which is a typical pine for Italy and not at all for Germany or even Austria despite it's name. He collects 'species' and apparently did not have a European black pine. He said that they don't really use them and I have more than they all. Well, I have about ten or so.

Anyway, I am happy with a European larch in my garden as they kind of like my climate. This one was full of algae when I presented it on my Late Summer Meeting. I applied my BIOTREECLEANER and one can see the great result. Then I took off most of the old long needles and then wired every branch for a couple of hours. I like the result.

The nebari of this tree is the weakest part, it is lousy. Well, I believe that if I get a rock made so that the larch looks like growing in the mountains we will overcome the nebari problem. Te last image shows sort of where I am aiming in a clumsy way.