Saturday, August 30, 2014

Scots pine #15

This pine was placed in a much better pot then before. If you tell me that it is still too big you don't know how difficult and risky it was today to get it in there. In five to ten years then it will get into a much more shallow round container of this size.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,
I love this tree..
But my first instinct would have been to keep the main trunk more horizontal. I don't really know why, but maybe because I think the bonsai rules say so..
How soon from seeing this tree for the first time did you decide to make it more upright?

Walter Pall said...

I have decided very soon But I might redecide in the future. This is only the beginning.

Logoonlinepros said...

Thank you so much for providing day by day growing process of this tree! Very impressive!!

Dick said...

Dear Walter,
Isn't this the tree you offered for sale or trade and nobody wanted?
I think it's goiing to be even better than your no 1, that I saw in Ratingen a couple of years ago.

Walter Pall said...

Dick, it was for sale for quite a while. It may still be if the price is right.