Monday, August 18, 2014

Japanese maple #15

The recent images show clearly that this is a tree for winter silhouette. Well, in spring and fall it looks good too.


Daniel Dolan said...

Dear Mr. Pall:

In the last several photos of your terrific Japanese Maple it is just possible to make out the presence of the wiring as the Spring growth gets larger and more abundant.

Did this wiring eventually come off later in the Spring or early Summer or as this is a more mature tree did it remain until the Fall or Winter?

Thanks again for a great experience at Hidden Gardens in Chicago.

Ponderosa Pine now fully wired.....will send you a photo.

Best regards,
Daniel Dolan

Walter Pall said...

Daniel, the tree was wired in March. Now the wire starts to bite in. But it is late August. So I try to get away with leaving the wire on until end of March next year. The big advantage is that the new growth will harden over winter and the old branches will get used to heh new position for another five months. I might wire again in a couple of years. This is in my climate. In other climates with other trees this might be different. On ponderosas I leavve the wire on for four years or more.