Monday, November 25, 2013

some early winter images

All three are European spruce, Picea abies.


Gabriel-Schneider said...

Hey Walter!!!

Very nice Pictures from the early Snow. Now is the Time when the leafs are gone and you can see the real tree habitus. You see, what branches the trees produced. Its like the trees showing there souls. i like this time of the year. You do a lot of hard work and you material is always from a real good quality.

best regards from Berlin

Gabriel Schneider

Guido Trombetta said...

Hi Walter, wonderful images... The second one is the perfect answer to a special request I've made some days ago in a comment... Thank You!
By the way, everyone knows the beauty of your trees but let me speak about the quality of your pictures.. Which is absolutely stunning!
Taking pictures of Bonsai it's very difficult and Photography is my job so I know what I'm talking about...