Saturday, November 2, 2013

Field elm #4

Field elm, Ulmus campestre, collected in Germany in 1987. This tree is for sale or trade.



Loviisa Kataja said...

There are quite a lot of contradicting information about how to care for a chinese(?) elm during winter. Some say the tree will be happy outside ...but they're not living in Scandinavia with -35°C during January-February. Please can you give any tips? What should I believe?

And thanks for an artistically inspiring blog - I've started to see trees differently in nature, too!

Walter Pall said...


a Chinese elm in Scandinavia should always get some frost protection from November until April. It can freeze a bit, like down to minus 4 centigrade. It also depends on where the tree comes form originally. From the north of China it would be hardy, from the south it is a subtropical plant. The hardiness is genetic, it cannot be learned by a single tree, only by a variety. Since you don't know what variety you have you should play it safe.

Loviisa Kataja said...

well, it started growing new leaves last week (after prudently dropping them all during autumn) so I'd venture it's the tropical kind, then. Thanks for advice, this helped a lot!