Thursday, November 7, 2013

linden #5

linden, lime tree, Tiila platiphyllos, from a cutting since 1985, first image of 2001, pot China.


Matt Williams said...

Super tree.
This time of year is my favorite to view your blog, as I get to see the development of your deciduous trees so clearly, and from which I learn a tremendous amount. If one is willing to observe very carefully, this is a fabulous learning resource, and as I almost exclusively work with deciduous species it is a delight for me.
I am most grateful to you Walter for the valuable lessons I have learned by observing your work.
Best wishes,

Javito said...

Hi Walter, Awsome tree. Just a question, if you have time:
On the images I saw that you make an base layering to improve the nebari, but I saw too that the cork ring that you remove was so tiny. So, my question is, Did the base layering work on a year or you had to rework on it?
My situation is similar but with a european elm(I must to do a base layering on a heavy trunk).
If you can help me will so great!

Thanks for your time!

Walter Pall said...

Javier, the air layering only worked partially. The removed piece was so thin because I absolutely wanted to go as low as possible. And then the roots were in the way. I should have gone up one centimeter. But now the nebari is getting nicer anyway.