Friday, November 29, 2013

closing of holes

Holes on broadleaved trees are taboo in Japaenese traditional thinking. Well, I have nothing against them - if they fit. In this case on a clump form Japanese maple the big hole did bother me. It was one of the reasons why this tree was affordable for me. Can I make it close? See what happended after April 2013. Six months later the hole is half closed. This is due to my agressive feeding and watering regime together with the hedge pruning method. This way the hole will be closed by September 2014 I hope. It will still look kind of ugly for a few years. Eventually it will blend into the clump and give it more character. Or so I hope.



Roddy von Seldeneck said...

Any chance you can post a picture of the whole tree before and after? Also, do you put anything on the hole or just let it heal naturally?

Walter Pall said...

These are before and after pictures. If you watch my blog I have sent these pictures several times. Holes are NOT plugged anymore. It is better to do nothing.